Integrity is vital to Purplelily Design’s honest working principles, as are consistent moral and ethical standards. If it is not right to work on a design project, or there is a better alternative, we will tell you.
Accountability and transparency – we will account for all activities and disclose the results in a transparent manner. You will be kept updated on time spent on each project (to the nearest 0.5 hour) as well as costs for expenses, this will be provided as a clear breakdown in each email and final invoice.
Creativity is an essential part of the design process. Each design is created from start to finish with the client in mind, each design is original and will not be found in use by a competitor.
Creativity is essential, so is functionality. Each design will have a rationale behind its creation, it’s not enough to look pretty, it has to work for the client and target audience.
Purplelily Design likes efficiency, who doesn’t? With over 20 years’ experience an efficient and accurate turnaround of work comes naturally! A passion for sustainability means we don’t waste resources, or money if it is not required. If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well.
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Purplelily Design is looking for sustainable businesses that share the same values and would like to work with a design partner to make their business stand out. If you are ethically focused and feel passionately that your business should have minimal negative impact on the environment, please get in touch for a 10% discount. Quote reference SUSTAIN2019